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ECKERT Machines is a family-run business that has been providing quality processing equipment to the food industry since 1959. Through our 55+ years, we have extensive experience in the potato, vegetable, and fruit industries. With the changing face of the Canadian food industry, ECKERT has evolved too. We offer a full range of quality processing machinery, for everything from raw product receiving and materials handling, through the many phases of product processing, to finished goods handling.

Specifically for snack foods: potato chip lines; nut preparation lines; dried fruit lines; optical sorting; bulk handling; materials handling; coating; conveyors (belt, vibratory, roller, spiral); screening; X-ray; dry ingredient storage and handling; and many custom machines to suit specific needs.

Our primary goal at ECKERT Machines is to help processors enhance their viability by reducing operating costs, improving yield and ensuring the quality and safety of the end food products.